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Creating Random Gradient Color Backgrounds using Javascript

I have created a JS Fidddle to create a number of random CSS gradient color backgrounds for UI designers to pick from. There is nothing to explain I guess. You can walk through the simple code by yourself.

Creating an overlay info box using HTML & CSS

Today I read a thread in stackoverflow.com where some one was trying to create an overlay info box using HTML, CSS & jQuery. But he was unable to make it work as expected and asked for help. Then I wanted to try that out but with out using jQuery. Good news is that I got succeeded in doing that and this is how I did it.

Creating a button-group control with HTML, CSS & jQuery

Radio buttons now a days are changing there way to button groups which are more comfortable ones when it comes to mobile user experience. So I thought creating one by my self and found it quite interesting.

The technique is pretty simple. We are going to use labels to control the design of the switch control and make the radio buttons hidden in the view.

Welcome to my blog

Hi all I consider this as a great start in 2018 to start writing blogs on Front-end development. You can expect new articles on the way one at least a week. Expecting your valuable suggestions and tips for improvement.